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What should I do if I suspect nursing home neglect?

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Nursing home neglect cases demand immediate action. If you wait to take action, you could put your loved one's health and legal rights at risk. That's why it's critical you Shuttlesworth Law Firm, P.C. as soon as possible. We know how to handle such tough cases.

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What steps should I take if I suspect nursing home neglect in Alabama?

It's better to be safe than sorry. Even if your concerns turn out to be unfounded, it's important to take action right away. Otherwise, your loved one could sustain a serious or even life-threatening injury in a nursing home.

If you suspect your loved one is a victim of nursing neglect:

  • Notify the nursing home of your concerns.
  • Ask the nursing home for an explanation.
  • If the nursing home refuses to explain, make note of its response.
  • Demand to see your loved one privately.
  • Take photographs of any visible injuries, including
  • If possible, record your conversation with your loved one.
  • During your conversation, ask your loved one some of the following questions:
    • How often are you fed every day?
    • What does the nursing home feed you?
    • Are you getting enough to eat?
    • Are you getting enough to drink?
    • How often are you bathed?
    • How often are your bed linens changed?
    • Does the nursing home respond if you request medical attention?
  • If your loved one has any visible injuries, ask how he sustained them
  • If your loved one cannot explain why, make note of her inability to respond
  • If your loved one shares a room with another patient, interview the other patient
  • If the other patient observed something, write down the other patient's:
    • Full name;
    • Contact number; and
    • Other identifiable details in case other patient is relocated or released.
  • Have an independent doctor examine your loved one immediately.
  • Contact the police and ask them (or another government agency) to investigate.
  • Consider moving your loved one to another facility, even if it's only temporary.
  • Report the neglect to the state by calling the ElderCare Hotline at 1-800-356-9596 to file a complaint with the Alabama Department of Health.
  • Contact a nursing home neglect lawyer immediately.

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When you have an experienced Alabama nursing home neglect attorney on your side, you can hold nursing homes responsible for their actions. We take pride in our work at our law firm. And we take every case seriously.

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