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Injury victims and families who have lost loved ones don't want excuses. They want results. That's why victims of serious personal injuries in Alabama rely on the Birmingham, AL accident attorney and wrongful death lawyer at Shuttlesworth Law Firm, P.C., to make things right.

An extensive list of our notable case results can be found below. Some of the larger verdicts and settlements obtained by our attorney include:

  • $10 million settlement for wrongful death truck accident
  • $7 million verdict for commercial truck driver negligence
  • $5 million settlement for catastrophic injury (paralysis) in a bus accident
  • $5 million verdict for wrongful death truck accident
  • $3.2 million settlement for dangerous diet drug case

In case after case, we consistently obtain sizable judgments for injury victims and their families. This money serves a vital purpose for people injured in an accident or families dealing with loss of a loved one. This money allows them to live their lives with dignity.

Why should I hire an Alabama accident attorney to handle my case?

Your case might seem straightforward. Someone else clearly did something to cause injury or death to you or your loved one. That's why you might think you don't need a lawyer to resolve your case. You might assume that insurance companies will fairly compensate you.

Don't be so sure. Most insurance companies only care about one thing: paying injury victims as little as possible. They don't intimidate us. We know how to handle insurance companies and we have the case results to prove it. Call 866-583-1885 and schedule a free case evaluation.

What are some notable case results for Shuttlesworth Law Firm, P.C.?

Our list of verdicts and settlements has been divided into four main categories:

We also handle many other types of legal cases in Alabama, including nursing home neglect and assisted living abuse and neglect cases. Don't delay. Contact us today and discover what Shuttlesworth Law Firm, P.C. can do for you. Case results truly matter here.

Nursing Home Neglect and Medical Malpractice Settlements and Verdicts

  • $1.2 million Nursing Home Neglect Wrongful Death
    Nursing home failed to provide oxygen to a resident, causing his death. (Jury verdict)
  • $1 million Wrongful Death in a Nursing Home
    Defendant nursing home's neglect led to bedsores, which caused a resident's death. (Settlement)
  • $750,000 Emergency Room Hospital Fall
    Physician's patient suffered head trauma due to a fall that occurred in the emergency room in this medical malpractice suit. (Settlement)
  • $750,000 Nursing Home Medication Error Wrongful Death
    Nursing home employees administered drug to resident despite knowledge that he was allergic, thereby causing his death. (Arbitration award)
  • $750,000 Hospital Fall
    Elderly patient died of head injuries incurred due to a fall at the hospital in this wrongful death and medical negligence case (Settlement)
  • $725,000 Nursing Home Neglect Wrongful Death
    Elderly patient died as a result of dehydration and a urinary tract infection (UTI) due to a nursing home’s negligence. (Settlement)
  • $700,000 Nursing Home Bedsores Wrongful Death
    Defendant nursing home's neglect caused resident to suffer fatal bedsores. (Settlement)
  • $650,000 Medical Malpractice
    Failure by ER physician to diagnose and treat a post-operative complication. (Jury Verdict)
  • $625,000 Nursing Home Neglect Wrongful Death
    Defendant nursing home’s neglect led to dehydration, malnutrition, and death. (Arbitration Award)
  • $500,000 Medical Malpractice
    ER physician failed to inform patient of abnormal test results indicating a tumor. (Settlement)
  • $500,000 Improper Nursing Home Training Wrongful Death
    Nursing home improperly treated resident as a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate), thereby causing her death. (Settlement)
  • $385,000 Nursing Home Wrongful Death
    Elderly patient died as a result of a PEG tube becoming dislodged. (Settlement)
  • $375,000 Nursing Home Wrongful Death
    Defendant nursing home’s neglect led to malnutrition, infected wound, and death. (Settlement)
  • $350,000 Hospital Medication Error
    Patient sustained heart damage when a drug that was meant to be given intramuscular was instead given intravenously. (Settlement)

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Trucking Accident Verdicts and Settlements

  • $10 million Wrongful Death Truck Accident
    Tractor trailer was not properly inspected, maintained and repaired, and the truck driver failed to safely operate the commercial vehicle. (Judgment)
  • $7 million Commercial Truck Driver Negligence
    Commercial truck driver's negligence, including driving while high on methamphetamines, caused serious injuries to the plaintiff, resulting in the highest verdict award ever given in St. Clair County. (Jury verdict)
  • $5 million Catastrophic Injury (Paralysis) Bus Accident
    Commercial driver failed to safely operate a commercial vehicle and commercial carrier failed to entrust the vehicle to a reasonably safe operator. (Settlement)
  • $5 million Wrongful Death Trucking Accident
    Needed repairs to a fuel tanker truck were ignored, causing a fatal accident. (Jury verdict)
  • $1.5 million Wrongful Death Truck Accident
    Tractor trailer was not properly inspected, maintained or repaired, and the driver failed to safely operate the truck. (Jury verdict)
  • $1.35 million Commercial Truck Driver Fatal Accident
    Commercial truck driver caused fatal rear-end accident by failing to slow down to allow vehicle in front of him to make a left turn. Truck driver was talking on his cell phone and reading directions for his delivery while he continued to drive above the speed limit on a two lane highway, striking the rear end of the plaintiff's car and killing the plaintiff. (Settlement)
  • $650,000 Commercial Truck Driver Accident
    Commercial truck driver failed to stop at traffic signal and struck client's vehicle, causing personal injuries to plaintiff. (Settlement)
  • $450,000 Commercial Truck Driver Accident
    Commercial truck driver failed to stop and rear-ended client's vehicle, causing personal injuries to plaintiff. (Settlement)
  • $400,000 Texting and Driving Accident
    An elderly couple on their way to church were struck when another driver, an uninsured motorist who was texting and driving, crossed the center line and caused a head-on collision. All uninsured and underinsured motorist insurance benefits, as well as the defendant's available insurance policy limits, were paid to settle the case. (Settlement)
  • $350,000 Commercial Truck Driver Caused Accident While on a Cell Phone
    Commercial truck driver of an 18-Wheeler was talking on his cell phone when he caused the death of the plaintiff who was on an interstate roadway at night assisting another motorist in a disabled vehicle. (Settlement)
  • $180,000 Teenage Motorist Accident
    Negligent teenage motorist drove a pick-up truck over a pedestrian's foot, causing permanent injury to her lower leg. (Settlement)
  • $100,000 Motorcycle Accident
    Negligent motorist failed to yield the right of way, causing a motorcycle accident. All the defendant's driver's available insurance policy limits were paid to settle the case. (Settlement)
  • $95,000 Automobile Accident
    Teenage driver failed to slow his speed on an icy bridge where the client was on foot trying to assist another motorist whose car had struck the guardrails and stopped. (Settlement)
  • $35,000 Texting and Driving Accident
    Driver who was texting and driving ran a red light, striking an elderly plaintiff's car and injuring her shoulder. (Jury verdict)

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Product Liability and Corporate Fraud Verdicts and Settlements

  • $3.2 million Dangerous Diet Drugs
    Patients were not properly warned of adverse effects of pharmaceutical diet drugs. (Settlement)
  • $1.6 million Harmful Statin Drugs
    Patients were not properly warned of adverse effects of pharmaceutical statin drugs. (Settlement)
  • $1.1 million Automobile Seat Back Malfunction
    Automobile manufacturer was liable for defective automobile seats that failed and resulted in a fatal accident. (Settlement)
  • $800,000 Defective Heart Stent
    Medical device manufacturer of a defective heart stent caused pulmonary embolism and death to a client during a routine heart catheterization procedure. (Settlement)
  • $800,000 Defective Medical Device
    Manufacture and design of knee joints was defective. (Settlement)
  • $486,000 Sinkhole Damage to Property
    Quarry operator created a nuisance to nearby landowner by drawing down the water table, triggering the collapse of large, deep sinkholes on neighboring landowner's farm. (Jury verdict)
  • $255,000 Negligent Factory Owner
    Negligent factory owner caused an automobile accident created by dangerous road surface conditions that led to an accident and serious injuries to plaintiff. (Settlement)
  • $250,000 Breach of Contract
    Fraud and Breach of Contract dispute between an Alabama bank and a Florida investment company resulted in an award for the client. (Settlement)
  • $100,000 Harmful Fast Food
    Fast food store served a meal to the plaintiff containing a foreign object in her food, which damaged the plaintiff's jaw. (Jury verdict)

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