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Hurt in a Birmingham Truck Wreck? Get a Truck Accident Lawyer to Help

If you’re injured, a Birmingham truck crash attorney can win your case

Truck wrecks often result in serious injuries or fatalities, but truck accident lawyer Perry Shuttlesworth and his Birmingham legal team are ready to help injured crash victims get their lives back on track by getting them the compensation they deserve.

Cases involving truck wrecks ─ such as jackknife accidents, underride crashes, and rollover accidents ─ often involve large trucking companies, and insurance carriers for these companies will work hard to keep money out of the pockets of crash victims. That’s why you need an aggressive and experienced truck accident attorney on your side, fighting for your rights.

Victims of accidents caused by tractor-trailers, 18-wheelers, and other commercial trucks in Birmingham routinely rely on us to help them get the compensation they rightfully deserve. Attorney Perry Shuttlesworth and his Birmingham legal team have years of experience winning claims for truck wreck victims who were injured due to the careless actions of some else. When you’ve been hurt in a truck crash, you need a trusted truck accident lawyer who can produce a positive outcome for your case. Contact Shuttlesworth Law Firm, P.C. today for a free consultation, or call 866-583-1885.

Why you should hire a Birmingham truck wreck lawyer when you’re hurt

Attorney Perry Shuttlesworth and his Birmingham legal team know how to investigate trucking accidents, and they have the results to prove it. Injury victims and their families consistently obtain sizable verdicts and settlements, case after case that we take on. Some of our larger truck accident case results include:

  • $10 million settlement for wrongful death truck accident
  • $7 million verdict for commercial truck driver negligence
  • $5 million verdict for wrongful death truck accident

What's the secret to our success? It's not simply our depth of knowledge about a wide range of legal issues or our aggressive style in the courtroom. It's our personal touch. We take the time to learn about every single client's case. Your case truly matters here.

Frequently asked questions about truck accidents in Alabama

What are the common causes of truck accidents?

How do truck accidents happen? Truck accidents happen for a number of different reasons, but some of the most common reasons our Birmingham law firm sees them happen include:

  • Distracted truck drivers
  • Texting truck drivers
  • Speeding truck drivers
  • Drunk truck drivers
  • Tired truck drivers
  • Drivers impaired by drugs
  • Inexperienced truck drivers
  • Poorly maintained trucks

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What should I do if I'm involved in a truck wreck in Birmingham?

Knowing what to do after a truck accident can be overwhelming. We understand. That’s why we want to help. Trucking companies typically begin investigating immediately following a crash. They want to find any evidence that may reduce their liability. That’s why it’s important to contact our Birmingham legal team immediately. You can level the playing field. Additionally, we strongly urge victims of truck accidents to take the following steps:

  • Call for medical attention
  • Call the police
  • Get the truck driver’s name and contact information
  • Take photographs of your truck accident
  • Talk to witnesses of your truck accident
  • Contact your insurance company

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Should I contact the police if my truck crash seems minor?

Yes. Any truck crash is a traumatic event. With emotions running high, some people might not even comprehend just how serious the accident is. What you initially think is a “minor” accident may have a bigger impact on your life than you initially believe. That’s why you should contact the police, no matter how big or small you think your accident might be. When you contact the police and they investigate your trucking accident, police officers create an official police report for your accident. This document can be critical when it comes to being fairly compensated for your accident.

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Who investigates commercial truck accidents in Birmingham?

Most truck accidents in Birmingham are investigated by one or several of the following law enforcement agencies:

  • Local Alabama police
  • Alabama Highway Patrol
  • National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB)

Make sure your truck accident investigation receives the attention it rightfully deserves. Contact Shuttlesworth Law Firm, P.C. and let us get to work for you.

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What if I can't reach the trucking company after my truck wreck?

You don’t have to worry about trying to find the trucking company. Attorney Perry Shuttlesworth is an experienced commercial truck accident lawyer knows how to track down trucking companies and hold them responsible for trucking accidents. That’s why you need our Birmingham law firm on your side, fighting for your rights.

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What information do truck crash attorneys look for when investigating accidents?

We look for critical information documenting that trucking companies followed all relevant state and federal laws governing trucking companies, including:

  • Records indicating the trucking company:
    • Hired licensed truck drivers
    • Provided truck drivers with mandatory rest periods
    • Did not overloaded tractor-trailer trucks
    • Did not hire truck drivers with a history of truck driving accidents
  • Maintenance records verifying the trucking company made necessary repairs

Evidence builds strong cases. That’s why our Birmingham law firm works tirelessly to find the facts we need to build a compelling case on your behalf. We’re on your team and fighting for you, every step of the way.

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Should I contact my insurance company after my truck wreck?

Yes. Tell your insurance company you have been in a tractor-trailer accident. Stick to the facts. Even statements you make to your own insurance company may hurt your chances of being fairly compensated. That’s why it’s wise to talk to an experienced truck wreck attorney before you talk to any insurance company.

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What if the trucking company's insurance company contacts me?

Decline to comment. The adjuster for the insurance company will want to get you to say something that would be used against you. You can provide the adjuster with your attorney's name and number. If you haven't retained an attorney, call Shuttlesworth Law Firm, P.C. immediately.

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Why should I not answer insurance company questions about my truck wreck?

Insurance companies often only care about one thing – paying injury victims as little as possible. That’s why it’s important not to say anything about your truck wreck that could be used as justification for denying compensation.

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Should I accept an offer from an insurance company after my truck accident?

Before you accept any offer, we strongly encourage you to carefully review it. In most cases, insurance companies offer injury victims far less than the true cost of their accident-related expenses. Make sure you receive the compensation you deserve. Contact our Birmingham law firm today. We can help.

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Can I file a lawsuit after a truck crash?

Yes. You have the right to file a truck crash lawsuit, though filing a lawsuit can be a very complicated, time-consuming process. It’s also one of many ways you can often legally resolve your case. Explore your options. Contact our Birmingham law firm today. We can explain your legal options and help you decide the best course of action.

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What should I do if a loved one was killed in a truck accident?

Fatal truck accidents demand strong legal action. If your loved one was killed as a result of a truck accident, you need to make sure your family’s rights are respected and your case receives the attention it deserves. As a wrongful death lawyer, Attorney Perry Shuttlesworth and his Birmingham legal team can help you:

  • Negotiate with insurance companies
  • Deal directly with trucking companies
  • File a wrongful death lawsuit
  • Take other legal action if necessary

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Should I hire a lawyer for my truck wreck?

Yes. Having an experienced truck accident attorney on your side can often make a dramatic difference. When you have a hard-working lawyer in your corner, you can take an aggressive stance and demand the compensation you rightfully deserve.

We win cases, and we deliver results. Contact our Birmingham law firm today for a free consultation, or call 866-583-1885. We want to help you get your life back on track. You pay nothing unless we obtain a recovery in your personal injury case. That’s because we work on a contingency fee basis.

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