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Truck drivers and the trucking companies they work for both share tire safety responsibility

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A truck accident can leave people with serious injuries and have a devastating impact on their lives. The fact is that most accidents are caused by negligence. It is up to truck drivers and trucking companies to take steps to make sure trucks are safe on the road.

At Shuttlesworth Law Firm LLC, we know that one cause of truck accidents on Birmingham roads and throughout the state of Alabama is faulty tires. Those are tires that are defective or improperly maintained, or tires that should have been replaced. Both truck drivers and trucking companies share responsibility for tire safety.

Recommended tire safety tips

As part of National Tire Safety Week, Today’s Trucking published a list of tire safety tips for commercial vehicles.

  1. Check tire pressure.

It’s important to always keep tires inflated at the proper pressure. How important? Goodyear experts have said it’s the “single most effective practice that a fleet or driver can employ to impact tire wear, casing life and overall performance.” Tires that are underinflated or overinflated are a safety risk and can cause an accident. Pressure should be checked with a calibrated air gauge before hitting the road, when the tires are cold.

  1. Check your speed.

Many states have highway speed limits of 75 mph, 80 mph and on one highway in Texas, 85 mph. The problem is that many truck tires are designed to handle no more than 75 mph. Driving above the tire’s rated speed can generate excessive heat that damages the rubber, creating a potential unsafe situation. If the maximum speed isn’t posted on the sidewall, check the product data book.

  1. Practice tire management.

A tire management program should keep track of inflation, tread depth and wear patterns. It can also let trucking companies know when it’s time to change tires. Keeping track of this information in a tire manual and using a calendar are good ways to make sure the tires on a truck are safe to use.

  1. Keep a close eye on tires.

Inspect tires before every trip. Check for any damage. This includes any cuts, blisters, cracks, bulges or unusual wear patterns. If there’s a problem, take quick action to get it fixed.

  1. Keep tires in line.

Irregular tire wear can be prevented by sticking to a regular alignment schedule. This should include a front-end alignment, as well as a drive axle alignment.

  1. Keep tires matched.

When selecting tires for an assembly, be sure to match size, load-carrying capacity and type of service. Dual assemblies that have tires differing even as little as a quarter of an inch can lead to unwanted scrubbing patterns because the smaller tire won’t maintain contact with the road at all times.

Get a truck accident lawyer to help you

If you were hurt in a truck accident involving a faulty tire, it’s important to get legal advice from a trusted attorney as soon as possible. Attorney Perry Shuttlesworth is an experienced truck accident lawyer who knows how to handle complex cases and will fight to help you recover the financial compensation you deserve.

Learn more about how our firm can help. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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