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Blind spots often lead to serious truck accidents

Blind spots

Drivers of cars and motorcycles often feel nervous when sharing the road with large commercial trucks. There is a good reason for this. While you may see a large truck in the neighboring lane clear as day, the truck driver may not see you. This is what happens with blind spots. There are a lot of blind spots for truckers because commercial trucks can be as long as 72 feet, as wide as 8.5 feet, and as tall as 13.5 feet.

Truck drivers are expected to be properly trained to look out for smaller cars, even those that are in their blind spots. They should always use their extended side mirrors to look for cars traveling alongside the trailer. Truckers should never switch lanes, turn or back up unless they know for sure that the coast is clear. In addition, trucking companies are responsible for labeling dangerous blind spots on the cab and trailer to notify other drivers.

 Where to look for blind spots

There are generally three places on a large commercial truck where blind spots exist. These include:

  • Both side of the cab and trailer — This is the most common place where blind spots become a danger to drivers. Blind spots on both sides of a trailer can extend for more than one lane. Drivers can be knocked off the road or crushed beneath the trailer when a trucker changes lanes or turns.
  • The front of the cab — Truck drivers may not always see cars in front of the cab. That's due to the height of the cab. A rear-end collision by a large truck can result in a catastrophe. Truck drivers should never follow too closely behind a car, even when traffic slows down or comes to a stop.
  • The back of the trailer — Truckers often can't see what's going on behind the trailer, even when checking their extended side mirrors. Cars can get crushed beneath the back of the trailer when a truck suddenly stops or backs up.

What should I do if I was involved in a truck accident?

If you were involved in a truck crash linked to blind spots, it's likely you sustained serious injuries. You may have suffered a head injury; bone fracture; back, neck, and spine injuries; nerve damage; soft tissue injuries; crushed limbs; amputations; or paralysis. For several months, you may be unable to work, perform daily tasks, and engage in activities you once enjoyed. On top of that, you may be dealing with mounting medical expenses.

The legal team at Shuttlesworth Law Firm LLC knows how financially and emotionally devastating truck accidents can be. We also know how complex and frustrating they can be. Not only are you up against a trucking company with a lot to lose, but you're also likely up against multiple insurance companies that care more about saving money than compensating you. Our experienced Alabama attorneys can sort out the complexities of your case and advocate for a fair financial settlement on your behalf. Your only focus should be on your recovery, let us handle the rest.

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