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Alabama Scores Poorly in Five Key Areas of Long-Term Care

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A recent report has placed Alabama near the bottom of the list when it comes to the quality of nursing home and home-based care, ranking the state 50th out of 51.

This ranking underscores the urgent need for significant improvements in the quality of care provided in nursing homes and home-based settings.

Among the myriad of issues highlighted, nursing home neglect stands out as a particularly troubling problem that demands urgent attention.

Breaking down the report

The recent report on Alabama's nursing home and home-based care quality, as reported by, revealed that the state has slipped from its previous ranking of 48th to 50th, now holding the second-to-last position.

This ranking was based on a comprehensive review by the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), which assessed each state across five critical areas:

  • Access and affordability: This category evaluates the ease of access to care and its affordability, aiming to ensure that care is readily available to those in need without imposing excessive financial burdens.
  • Consumer choice: Consumer choice emphasizes the importance of providing options and allowing individuals to select the most suitable care for their loved ones based on their unique needs and preferences.
  • Safety and quality: This aspect concentrates on the safety and overall quality of care within facilities, ensuring that care meets established standards.
  • Support for family caregivers: This category focuses on providing assistance and resources to family members who are responsible for the care of their loved ones, offering them the necessary support.
  • Community integration: Community integration assesses the extent to which individuals in these care facilities can actively participate in their communities, engaging in activities and events.

While Alabama did not receive the lowest possible ranking, it scored the lowest in two crucial areas: access and affordability and community integration.

The Lingering Impact of the Pandemic

The consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to reverberate within long-term care facilities. One of the most critical issues exacerbated by the pandemic is staffing within nursing facilities, which has only deteriorated further over time. According to the AARP, a staggering 53% of nursing staff in nursing homes leave their positions within a year. The revolving door of staff turnover and constant understaffing has taken a toll on the well-being of residents.

The high rate of staff turnover poses significant challenges when it comes to swiftly replacing departed workers with qualified individuals. The consequences of understaffing cannot be overstated. Inadequate staffing translates to delayed care, extended waiting times for assistance, insufficient attention to residents' needs, subpar sanitary conditions, and the potential for missed essential services such as timely medication administration or assistance with daily activities.

We hold negligent nursing homes accountable

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