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Our experienced Alabama police brutality lawyers have a strong track record of success

Police brutality cases in Alabama demand immediate legal action. If you or a loved one has been assaulted by a police officer, make sure you contact an experienced Alabama police brutality lawyer as soon as possible. Make sure you contact us.

At Shuttlesworth Lasseter, LLC, our attorneys thoroughly understand Alabama's unique laws and how they relate to police brutality cases. This knowledge enables us to build strong civil rights cases and help victims of police brutality hold officers accountable for their actions. We can effectively and professionally represent you throughout the legal proceedings.

What types of police brutality cases does Shuttlesworth Lasseter, LLC, handle?

Police brutality cases cover a wide range of troubling incidents. Some of the most common cases we handle at Shuttlesworth Lasseter, LLC, include:

  • Physical abuse by a police officer
  • Sexual abuse by a police officer
  • Intimidate or use of terror during an arrest
  • False arrest
  • Attempted arrest without a warrant
  • Attempted arrest without probable cause
  • Racial profiling by police

You can learn more about police brutality cases on our website on the page entitled frequently asked questions about police brutality. We have also created special pages devoted solely to Federal Statute 42 U.S.C. § 1983 and what victims of police brutality should do afterwards.

Why should I hire an Alabama police brutality lawyer at Shuttlesworth Lasseter, LLC?

Case results truly matter. That's why it's critical you have an attorney with a strong track record of success on your side, fighting for your rights. Attorneys Shuttlesworth and Lasseter have consistently obtained sizable verdicts and settlements for victims of police brutality.

In particular, attorney Lasseter obtained a $12 million settlement for 39 victims of sexual abuse while incarcerated in an Alabama Department of Youth Services facility. Attorney Lasseter obtained the $12 million settlement while working for another law firm. Since then, he has continued to obtain significant judgments for victims of police brutality. You can rely on our team at Shuttlesworth Lasseter, LLC.

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You're not just a case to us. You're a real person with real problems and we want to help! Call 866-583-1885 and schedule a free case evaluation. Our office is conveniently located in Birmingham, Alabama, and we proudly serve people throughout the state. We handle police brutality cases on a contingency fee basis, which means you only pay us a fee if we win your case.

When you have Shuttlesworth Lasseter, LLC, on your side, you can take an aggressive approach right from the start.  We meticulously investigate every case. We tirelessly search for evidence. We use expert analysis. Details matter. And so do you. Contact us right now. We build strong cases designed to win.