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Our experienced Alabama police brutality lawyers have a strong track record of success

Police brutality and prison abuse cases in Alabama can be extremely complicated. You may be coping with severe injuries from an assault by police officers or prison guards, but the police officers and prison guards deny any wrongdoing. You may have lost a loved one at the hands of an officer or a guard, but you're being told that the deadly force was justified.

When you're up against powerful people and institutions, it's critical you have a civil rights attorney who will stand up for you and protect your best interests.

At Shuttlesworth Lasseter, LLC, our experienced Alabama excessive force attorneys know how to research these cases and find the facts you need to hold police departments and prisons responsible for their actions. We're proud of our case results and we're eager to help you.

Some of our notable verdicts and settlements involving police brutality, excessive force and civil rights include:

  • $12 million settlement for sexual abuse of prison inmates *
  • $1.5 million settlement for deadly force case
  • $1 million settlement for deadly force case
  • $400,000 settlement for deadly force case

(* Settlement obtained by attorney Lasseter while working for another law firm)

What are common types of police brutality, excessive brutality and civil rights cases?

Police brutality, excessive force and prison abuse cases cover a wide range. Some of the most common civil rights cases we handle at Shuttlesworth Lasseter, LLC, include:

  • False arrest or attempted arrest without warrant or probable cause
  • Intimidation or use of terror in making an arrest
  • Surveillance abuse
  • Sexual abuse, including molestation or misuse of a position of power
  • Use of excessive force or deadly force
  • Racial profiling, where race was a key factor in the decision to use deadly force

What should I do if I'm a victim of police brutality or excessive force?

Contact Shuttlesworth Lasseter, LLC, as soon as possible. Our experienced Alabama police brutality attorneys know how to handle such complex cases and can work with you to make sure your rights are respected. You can learn more about police brutality cases on our web page titled frequently asked questions about police brutality. A similar web page exists for prison abuse cases titled frequently asked questions about prison abuse.

Why should I hire a civil rights lawyer to handle my police brutality or excessive force case?

Some victims of police brutality or excessive force might try to pursue a claim without the help of a civil rights attorney. They might think they have enough evidence and witness statements to resolve the matter on their own.

Don't be so sure. Most police brutality and excessive force cases can be extremely complicated. These cases can drag on for years. You typically can use an administrative process to file a complaint, but you may need to file a lawsuit in court. The accused individuals will have legal counsel protecting their rights.

That's why it's critical you have an experienced lawyer on your side. Cases involving excessive force are difficult to win. You need lawyers experienced in the laws of your state when looking for a police brutality or deadly force lawyer.

Alabama has very specific laws. Make sure you choose an attorney who knows them. Shuttlesworth Lasseter, LLC, thoroughly understand Alabama's police brutality and excessive force laws. We're also experienced at handling many tasks involved in building a strong case:

  • Thoroughly researching abuse claims
  • Carefully reviewing police reports
  • Consulting with experts in the field
  • Filing a police brutality lawsuit if necessary
  • Taking any other legal action on your behalf

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We're proud of the work we do every day for people in Alabama. We know that the work we do can make a dramatic difference in the lives of families for many years to come. That's what drives us to work hard - helping people just like you.

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Our attorneys work on a contingency fee basis when handling police brutality claims. That means you pay no attorney's fees unless you win.